Creating a Healthy, Cozy World for Our Babies.

As parents, we know that amazing feeling of holding your sweet baby, wrapped up in a smooth and cozy blanket, drifting into dreamland. We also know the many struggles of parenthood and wanting the absolute best for your new bundle of joy. 


The Only Onepiece was created to make babies’ lives softer and parents’ lives easier. We aimed for the best in design, fabric, and sustainability to make a product that you can simply feel good about.

About the Only Onepiece

The Only Onepiece is our take on the new basic.

Parents have enough on their hands, let’s streamline our babies’ wardrobes. No sacrifice necessary: our affordable One-Piece clothes and accessories are made from the softest material you’ve ever felt, the most sustainable fabric on the market, and the easiest design for dressing and cleaning.

About Our Fabric

We believe TENCEL™ Modal & Lyocell are the fabrics of the future – and the fabric for our babies, now.

TENCEL™ is the gold standard in fabrics when it comes to softness, simplicity, and sustainability. Made from renewable wood sources, like eucalyptus and beech trees, TENCEL™ fibers are produced without harsh chemicals or toxins. Using it, we can now ensure our children grow up with the softest and safest fabric touching their skin.

Our Sustainability Promise

At the heart of The Only Onepiece brand is a commitment to the planet. We believe that baby clothes can be simple, affordable, super-soft, and sustainable. It is our promise to deliver the best eco-friendly baby clothes you’ve ever felt. 

As we evolve, we are growing to be more thoughtful about our impact on the world we live in, our communities and relationships, and what we put in our bodies. We believe we should start also being conscious about what we put on our bodies. That starts with how we dress our babies.

Just because cotton has been “the fabric of our lives” for our parents and grandparents, that doesn’t mean it has to be for our kids. We’ve swapped the traditional fabrics for something better and more sustainable then Organic Cotton: TENCEL™ Modal & Lyocell.

About Our Founder

Mike Cleaver is a dad on a mission to make the perfect baby sleepwear and basics. When his daughter was born, he was both amazed – and in shock! With so much to learn and an endless new list of worries, Mike didn’t know what to do (still doesn’t). One thing he did know was that cheap cotton baby clothes doused in flame resistant chemicals wasn’t going to work. And the hefty price tags and a zillion styles of high-end organic cotton brands? That wouldn’t work either. There had to be a safe, luxuriously soft, affordable basic that’s comfortable to wear and a breeze to change – even at 3am. His answer was The Only Onepiece.